Plumbing and HVAC Website Design Inspiration & Ideas

How long should the average website design last? Two or three years! Why is that? Web design technology and trends are constantly changing and updating your web design once every few years ensures that your website keeps up with the times.

This is especially important if you own an HVAC or plumbing company—you likely gain many leads online, so keeping an updated website will ensure you’ll continue attracting prospects.

Are you planning a website redesign in 2021? Or is this your first time updating a website? There are many website design inspiration examples for HVAC and plumbing businesses. Here are a few of our favorites.

WaterWork Plumbing

WaterWorks Plumbing's website is by far one of the best examples on this list and serves as great website inspiration, especially in terms of functionality and aesthetics.

Let’s go into functionality first. One of the first things you see on the page is an appointment form. Your prospects can easily fill out the form when they first visit the website, locking in a lead immediately.

In case your prospects want to look around the website before making an appointment, they can navigate the convenient menu at the top of the website.

Some of the pages they can access are the service page, the areas they serve, and additional resources for residential and commercial clients.

Now let’s go into the aesthetics. Their logo is fun—a goldfish with the company’s name in front of the image. Reds and blues make up the colors on the website, typing into the company’s branding.

A slight bubble effect adds a creative touch to the design.

McCarver Mechanical Heating and Cooling

McCarver’s website is more straightforward, but you can tell the company’s devotion to quality with a quick scroll down the home page. They provide information about their performance, response time, and customer service.

Customers can also view other useful information as they scroll down.

This includes their testimonials as well as the promotions and rebates that customers can utilize. If you visit their website on your desktop and mobile device, you can see this is a responsive website and looks and performs well on both devices.

This doesn’t mean the website isn’t creative. You see a beautiful image of the metro Detroit area as the website banner.

As you scroll down, McCarver’s van drives across the page and outlines the number to call for a free estimate. This unique element is not only fun but emphasizes their number for lead generation.

Four Seasons Heating and Air Conditioning

This is another great example of an effective lead-generating design.

On the Four Seasons Heating and Cooling website, the “Schedule Now” button is at the top of the page. The phone number is also next to the button, so customers can choose the best contact option for them.

While the design is simple, it’s branded and recognizable. It also has a clean look while using a diverse color palette, which is a difficult design to pull off.

Standard Heating and Air

Standard’s brand does more than identify their imagery and voice, it defines their capabilities. With a quick scroll, you can see the company’s reviews and even some energy tips.

This is also a lead-generating machine, but in a different manner than the previous examples. You can choose to repair, replace, or maintain your systems, and click the corresponding buttons.

When you click the button, it takes you to a page where you can learn more about the service and can contact the company.

You can also see their specials front and center. For example, at the time of writing this review, they’re hosting a Black Friday sale where you can click the promotion banner and select your deal.

Reddi HVAC

Reddi HVAC proves that less is more. Their website is simple but powerful.

This website is great for generating leads because their phone number is at the top of the page. They also state other promotional information immediately, such as their different services and any online specials they’re holding.

Not only that, but they offer other contact methods. All you have to do is click the different buttons to find the contact form or the live chat window.

Metro Air Conditioning

Metro Air Conditioning has another great example of a website that can pull in leads. There are several buttons at the top that signify different calls to action.  All of these buttons are front and center, so they’re sure to pull in leads.

You can contact the company by clicking the “Schedule Service” button at the top, filling out the contact form to the side, or calling the phone number at the top of the page.

They also offer content that proves their expertise, their services, and the areas they serve.

Jacobs Heating and Air Conditioning

Many aspects of Jacobs Heating and Air Conditioning’s website is centered around their clients.

For example, you immediately see a father and daughter when you first open up the website. They make themselves out to be trusted professionals and use specific language that tells the prospect they’re in the business for their customers.

Their color palette is simple but it works. The website has a lot of white space with blue accents, staying on brand while not taking away from the website.

They also feature cute artwork on the feature section, making their website that much more creative.

These creative elements don’t take away the lead value this website holds. At the very top of the page, you can choose to request a service, call the company, or get in touch another way.

Use These Websites for HVAC and Plumbing Website Design Inspiration

All HVAC and plumbing companies should regularly update their web design to keep up with current website design elements. If you’re in need of web design, use these examples as website design inspiration.

A great website can also help generate leads. Because of this, you shouldn’t trust just anyone to handle your web design and your marketing. Find someone who can design your website with your clientele in mind.

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