Getting Quality SEO Backlinks To Your Plumbing & HVAC Website

According to Google, backlinks are one of the top three ranking factors in search engines. Understanding SEO backlinks is one of the more complicated aspects of standing out online. To improve your search engine optimization, you can't overlook backlinks.

Learn about introducing SEO successfully into your digital marketing. You'll soon discover a boost in traffic and leads for your plumbing and HVAC business.

Digital Marketing With Quality Content

Everything on your website should be worth clicking on. With the trillions of webpages available, the last thing your site needs is fluff or content padding. The more clickable your content, the more linkable it is.

Google's other top-ranking factors rely on domain authority, the strength of external links, and anchor text. Your site is more authoritative when you provide informative, useful content. When you produce content, you often link to external sites.

To increase your linkability and domain authority, there are several steps to follow.

  1. Perform keyword research to identify what your customers want and need.
  2. Using the results, compare competitors' content.
  3. Examine the number of images, word count, title, feature images, tags, and meta descriptions.
  4. Create your own content featuring more images, words, and better descriptions.

Valuable content differentiates what your competitors already produce. When you perform your keyword research, you find niches to implement new marketing strategies.

Quality Content: Formatting and Style

Quality content follows several different formats and styles. You should vary the content for guest posts and your own site. Variance differentiates your content and helps it stand out from competitors.

Consider creating visually engaging content, such as basic how-to guides. You can supplement your current services by teaching customers how to maintain their basic plumbing and HVAC appliances. This kind of content is evergreen, as new models and maintenance techniques emerge regularly.

Explore trending topics for your industry. You can create a top five or ten list of trending HVAC appliances to stay current.

Guest Posting and Search Engine Optimization

Another great way to generate better SEO backlinks is via guest posting. This can expand your current digital marketing strategy, placing your content on another site via guest posts. Your SEO strategies can benefit from quality content.

The emphasis on quality over quantity prevents Google from penalizing results that do not meet user searches. To find the best avenues for guest posting, follow these steps.

  1. Determine which sites are appropriate for you to contribute to your plumbing or HVAC expertise.
  2. Find sites by examining competitor guest posts.
  3. Explore industry publications as well as common editorials.
  4. Submit pitches to site editors that add value to their site for their audience.
  5. Look for opportunities to insert high-quality backlinks to your website.

These are a few basic guidelines to follow for guest posting etiquette. Following these guidelines allows you to build trust and authority with the site owner. It also boosts credibility within the search rank algorithm.

Leveraging Press Releases for SEO Backlinks

Public relations does wonders for link building SEO strategies. Your aim of getting backlinked on external sites can occur outside of guest posting. You can also leverage press releases for your business.

Citations are a reliable source from trusted publications. These boost your search engine optimization through domain authority and external linking. With the rise of digital marketing, press releases are easier than ever to maneuver.

Bloggers and journalists alike serve as credible members of the internet press. Use these sources for new service or product launches. Publicize company anniversaries and business expansions (e.g., new hires).

Make sure press releases use the right anchor text. Avoid overdoing it with keywords (i.e., keyword stuffing), which can negatively affect search rank. Place links as-needed, where they naturally fit into the text.

Press releases can also round up the latest developments for your industry or business. You can give an interview highlighting your business specialized qualities. The more personality your business has, the better your brand perception.

Finding High-Quality Directory Backlinks

To boost the trustworthiness of your plumbing or HVAC company's website, explore directory backlinks. Better business citations increase SEO backlinks for local searches. Local searches support local businesses like yours.

Press releases and guest posts can help your company appear in directories. These directories boost your domain authority. Your HVAC and plumbing site will register as more established with search engines.

The more citations of your business in virtual directories, the more established your business. This means your business will appear before competitors. It also means more customers see your business.

If your business is currently listed in a few digital directories, you must expand your virtual footprint. The best way to increase business citations (outside of guest posts and press releases) is via business profiles. Your plumbing and HVAC business should e listed on:

  • NextDoor
  • Google My Business
  • Facebook
  • Angie's List
  • Any relevant business directory sites

The more websites with your business profile, the larger your digital footprint. Links from these directories to your website are high-quality backlinks. This enhances the quality of your site's link portfolio.

Your Plumbing and HVAC Digital Marketing Toolbox

SEO backlinks are only one of three ranking factors to boost your visibility and trustworthiness online. To see a positive effect on your search rank, you also need a slew of other tools for digital marketing. We have the solutions your service business needs.

Catering specifically to your industry, our tools will grow your SEO and other marketing needs. Contact us today for a free digital marketing audit and start growing your business.

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