Selecting The Right PPC Keywords For Your Plumbing & HVAC Campaigns

There are several different ways to take advantage of pay per click advertising, or PPC advertising. campaigns for plumbing and HVAC businesses. When it comes to promoting your business, identifying and using targeted keywords can help you succeed and connect you with more potential customers than ever.

The concept of PPC marketing is relatively simple: when a PPC ad is clicked on, your business pays the ad publisher. But why should you choose PPC keywords over free advertising options like social media?

To create a successful marketing campaign for your plumbing or HVAC company, you need to connect with customers who need your services. Utilizing PPC keywords makes targeted, specific ads that will populate when a customer types your keywords into the search bar.

If you want to elevate your business and learn more about using keywords to create successful PPC advertisements, read on to learn more! We've also compiled five expert tips to help you hit the ground running.

What Are PPC Keywords for Plumbing and HVAC?

When it comes to developing a marketing toolbox that's focused on your plumbing and HVAC business, it all starts with powerful PPC keywords. Your keywords play a pivotal role in connecting you with customers.

To make the most of your ad copy keywords, you need to develop a plan to identify the best options and keep track of what you use to avoid repetition. The more variety you have in your keywords, the broader your reach is for new customers.

5 Expert PPC Tips for Choosing the Best Keywords

When it comes to PPC marketing for plumbing and HVAC businesses, you must look at your business from a customer's perspective to identify the best ways to leverage powerful keywords. When you pair up keywords based on the user's intent, you'll drive the right kind of business to your website.

As plumbing and HVAC professionals, you offer an essential service to the people in your community, but if they can't find you, your business won't succeed! Choosing keywords for digital marketing can be intimidating, but these tips will help you identify the best place to start!

1. Start Slowly

While it might be tempting to grab up as many keywords as possible right off the bat, your best bet will be choosing the most accurate and specific keywords available for your business. When you start using keywords, you'll be charged a rate or a pay per click, so each time a prospective client clicks on that ad, you're charged the corresponding amount.

When you're setting a PPC budget, identify how much you're comfortable with and start low, so you have room to grow as you identify keywords that work. When you're just getting to know your keywords, it can help put yourself in your customer's shoes and think about the terms they would type in a search engine to find your business.

2. Focus on Your Geography

To make the most of your PPC budget, consider your service area, and choose keywords that target customers in those regions. For example, the keyword "plumbing services" will likely have a high PPC rate, but adding your location like "plumbing services in (your city)" will drop the PPC rate and connect you with more accurate leads.

You can start adding more keywords because you can take terms that have a high search volume and then add the locations of your service area. By doing this, you'll have more valuable keywords in your toolbox to create effective ads. Your geography can be your secret weapon to connecting with more customers in your area and booking more appointments.

3. Identify the Most Accurate Keywords

When you're identifying keywords, be strategic in choosing keywords that your customers may type when they need your services. As a professional, you know the correct terminology and jargon, but your customers won't. So choose keywords that are more basic and specific in a language your customers will recognize.

Keywords like "bathroom sink leaking" or "air conditioner freezing" would be more useful than "drain cleaning" or "HVAC refrigerant leak." Your customers will only see the result of a problem and not the solution to fix it, so customer focused terms will serve you better in the long run.

4. Track and Monitor Your Data

When you start implementing keywords, get a tracking system in place so you can see how much traffic they're generating. By identifying the keywords that are working and those that aren't, you'll start to narrow down your PPC strategy to focus on investing in profitable keywords. Google Analytics is a great tool to use to get a deeper understanding of your keyword's PPC performance.

5. Develop a Scalable Strategy

Early on, your primary focus will be testing new PPC keywords and tracking their performance, but as your business grows, so should your strategy. As your click-through rates start to peak, quality scores improve, and conversions are up, you'll know it's time to start investing more in the top producing ads and keywords.

When you're able to identify your most successful campaigns, start improving the top performers, remove the underperformers, and roll out new targeted campaigns. You can use your data to begin remarketing campaigns and hyper-specific ads that will help you book more appointments than ever.

Where to Start

Are you ready to research PPC keywords and find the top options for your business? Start by making a list of possible keyword phrases your customers might search for and then see what the PPC would be for each. Then, look at how much search volume those phrases are getting.

When you find some strong contenders, create ads that feature these keywords and then track the data to see how they perform for you. If you're not sure where to start, contact us for a FREE digital marketing audit!

When it comes to improving your business and reaching more potential customers, each detail is crucial to creating successful content. For more information about plumbing and HVAC specific, check out our FAQs.

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