How Call Tracking Can Help You Improve Your Online Marketing

Discover how CallRail works, the importance of tracking calls on a source-level, while also enforcing how it can help you improve your online marketing.

What if making a single change could improve your marketing strategies?

When it comes to online marketing for a plumbing or HVAC business, one of the best changes you can make is to implement call tracking. Call tracking can improve everything from individual marketing tactics all the way to coordinated campaigns.

Not convinced if call tracking is right for your company? Keep reading to learn about how call tracking works and how it can help improve your online marketing.

What Is Call Tracking?

Our guide will help you discover how call tracking can impact your online marketing. Before we delve any further, though, we need to define what call tracking is.

As the name implies, call tracking involves tracking how many calls different phone numbers receive. In terms of marketing, you can set up multiple numbers (usually tied to multiple marketing campaigns) and determine which numbers get the most calls.

Your ultimate goal here is to collect data about different marketing strategies. Over time, you can determine which strategies are most effective for your particular business and audience.

Call Tracking and Your Marketing Strategy

Now that you know a bit more about what call tracking is and how it works, let’s take a closer look at how this can impact your overall marketing strategy.

On the most basic level, call tracking helps you determine if you are investing wisely in marketing efforts (especially local marketing). For example, it can cost a lot of money to run ads on radio and television, and call tracking can let you determine if cheaper marketing (such as online marketing) is yielding better results.

When you have enough data, you can effectively calculate the ROI of each unique marketing strategy. This information is important to any business, but it is absolutely crucial for small businesses that need to hold onto every spare dollar.

On a long enough timeline, collecting data via call tracking lets you offer better customer service and personalize different user experiences. That’s because call tracking helps you potentially gather very granular detail about customer experiences and concerns with your business. Of course, you may need to integrate call tracking software with good marketing software to better collect, index, and access such information.

Tracking Different Campaigns

It’s one thing to say that call tracking helps you collect data about different marketing campaigns, but how is this supposed to work? Let’s take a brief tour of different call tracking features and what they can do for your plumbing or HVAC business.

One of the most essential features of good call tracking software is keyword-level tracking. Simply put, this helps you keep track of the different keywords that are causing customers to reach out and call you. And knowing what keywords are driving customer inquiries helps you determine how effective your different SEO and PPC efforts are.

The second major feature of call tracking software is campaign-level tracking. This helps you keep track of which campaigns are receiving the most calls and which campaigns are leading to the most conversions. This is obviously beneficial for online marketing efforts and can also provide insight into more traditional marketing efforts.

The third and final major feature of good call tracking software is multichannel attribution tracking. This goes beyond simply tracking calls and also tracks other ways customers may reach out to you (including e-mail and social media inquiries). This helps you determine which channels are performing the best and also provides unique insights into how customers move down your sales funnel.

Call Tracking and Analytics

Call tracking is not a single strategy unto itself. Instead, it is designed to help out with other strategies your plumbing or HVAC business is using. And one of the best examples of this is helping you gather and learn from different analytics.

We have already mentioned some factors you should analyze, including the effectiveness of different keywords. And by studying changing customer search patterns, you can keep tracking of changing trends within your industry.

One of the best factors to track and study is customers’ reactions to your different products and features. Plumbing and HVAC businesses tend to have a lot of competition, and your prices, products, and services are how you stand out. Call tracking can help you learn what your customers like best (and least) about what you have to offer.

Finally, call tracing helps you monitor the quality of your customer support. You will gain better insight into what drives customer questions and concerns. And your ability to anticipate and respond to those concerns will help you take your customer support to the next level.

What Can Call Tracking Do For My Plumbing or HVAC business?

We’ve reviewed some of the ways that call tracking can boost your analytics and insights into customer behavior. But you may still be wondering about other benefits that call tracking offers to your business.

One feature that local businesses benefit from is tracking which areas are generating most of your business. Once you realize which neighborhoods contain the majority of your customers, you can make adjustments to your online marketing as need be.

Another great feature is that you can track when most of your customer calls come in. This information may help you determine the best times to run certain marketing campaigns for maximum exposure.

Ultimately, there are many great features that call tracking can offer your business. But it does cost additional time and money to set your call tracking software up.

It is ultimately up to your business to determine if call tracking is worth it to improve your online marketing.

What's Next For Your Business?

Now you know what call tracking is and how it benefits your online marketing. But do you know who can take your marketing further than you ever imagined?

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